Supacolour Heat Transfer Printing

Supacolour Heat Transfer Printing

Supacolour Transfers allow you to have your logo on a garment or promo product looking the way it was designed to look.


This award-winning process allows modern colourful, very detailed logos to be reproduced exactly and transferred onto many types of products.  Suitable for Tees, Sweats, Hoodies, Polos, work shirts, modern Drifit sport fabrics, Hats and Bags including Tote Bags, Gear Bags and Coolie Bags.


Supacolour also has a solution for printing onto Sublimated materials and Soft Shell Jackets.


We also offer computer cut heat press individual Names and small customized orders.


Transfers are placed on the garment, aligned then heat pressed on.


Advantages include:

- Image durability, 70+ domestic washes

- Vibrant colour, superb resolution

- Water based, eco friendly and is the future of heat transfer printing


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